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Cultural Connect

Moving people to Rise together.

Cultural Connect

Mahindra Excellence in Theatre awards, 2023

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Cultural Connect

Mahindra Percussions Festival 2023

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Cultural Connect

Mahindra Kabira Festival, 2022

Cultural Connect

Mahindra Independence Rock, 2022

Cultural Connect

Mahindra Blues Festival, 2023

Cultural Connect

Mahindra Roots Festival, 2023

Through Culture

Culture brews deep in our veins. The arts spark a fire like no other. Together, they give rise to an untameable movement.

Our Events

Collective experiences of souls with common interests and passions.

Mahindra Independence

Reviving India’s iconic and legendary rock festival after a nine-year hiatus.

Mahindra KABIRA

A two-day celebration of music, history and wisdom in Varanasi,
the birthplace of the mystic-poet and saint.


A five-day festival living up Lucknowi culture through exhibitions,
live performances, bazaars, Awadhi food and more.

Mahindra Blues

Asia's largest Blues festival brings together
some of the world's best Blues musicians for a two-day gig.

Mahindra Roots

Exploring unique and lost forms of Indian culture.

Mahindra Excellence
In Theatre Awards

Perform, Rise, Applaud! Appreciating the finest in Indian theatre.

Mahindra Percussion

Celebrating the timelessness of rhythm by infusing it with contemporary perspectives.

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